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It’s “Christmas” Everywhere, But….

In C.S. Lewis’ children’s books, The Chronicles of Narnia, he describes a land where “it’s always winter but never Christmas.” It’s a dark, hopeless place ruled by an evil queen.

For us, it seems to me, we live in a land where it’s “Christmas” everywhere. And sometimes, it seems it’s always Christmas too. There’s “Christmas in July” sales, or Hallmark movies. Of course decorations even begin to show up before Halloween. And the movies on TV begin in earnest. And it’s not just Hallmark either. Lifetime shows them around the clock every day.

They are about family, romance, and happiness. There is a lot of talk about the magic of Christmas. Everybody is nice to everyone by the end. They certainly provide a little relief from the daily news punctuated by anger, bad temper, suffering and all the other negative things of the human existence.

However, most of this “Christmas” is not the Christmas of the good news. Even if, here and there, are references to a story of a baby and a manger, rarely, if ever, is it about the real story.

The angel’s word to Joseph puts it in perspective. “You shall call him Jesus, for he shall save his people from their sins.” To the shepherds on the hillside it was “to you is born this day…a savior.”

You see what’s missing is Jesus, specifically a savior, the savior. It’s not just a temporary, feel good, escape from the bad news all around us. It is the good news of a cure for all this, for me personally and you, and for the whole world.

That’s truly “good news of great joy.” And it’s to be shared.

Merry Christmas!

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