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Small Groups

The Christian life is experienced in community. There is no such thing as solo Christianity. Community only takes place in close face to face relationships. These kinds of relationships can best happen in groups of, at most 8-12 people. Here at Messiah we intend to be intentional about creating healthy groups where you can make connection with God and with a group of other fellow travelers on the road with Jesus.

In addition to normal kinds of groups found in churches—ministry teams, Bible studies, prayer groups, etc. we are developing what we call Tri C Groups (Connecting, Caring, Community).

You are invited to check out a group.  You will be welcome.


We are in the process of renewing our Small Groups at Messiah. One of the things we are working on is finding a Coordinator of Small Groups. Please pray with us about this.

Monday (1st)- Don & Linda Dickinson, 717-532-6985, dldickinson19@comcast.net for more information click here.

Monday (2nd, 4th Mondays)- Danny & Alana Lemons, 717-532-2482, aglemons@juno.com for more information click here.

Wednesday (2nd, 4th Wednesdays)- Chuck and Brenda Bailey, 717-422-6033, bc.bailey@comcast.net

Wednesday (every other week)- Dennis and Lynn Landi, 717-532-7596 addysmin@hotmail.com for more information click here.

Wednesday, 10:30 am  (2nd, 4th Wednesdays)–Wednesday WomenBev Horn, 717-532-7484,bevlhorn@yahoo.com for more information click here.

Wednesday, 7:00 p.m. Georgene Carmany, (717) 477-0833 carmanyg@gmail.com for more information click here.

Saturday, 7:30 am–Saturday Men.  Danny Lemons, 717-532-2482 dflemons1@juno.com for more information click here.


(The leaders of these groups are encouraged to take Small Group Leader’s training and seek to implement Small Group principles in their group)

Sunday–DISCIPLE (short term) Bible Study: NOT MEETING AT PRESENT

Wednesday, 7:00 am—Prayer Group. Chris Rockwell, 717-477-8316 crockwellhsd@comcast.net. for more information click here.

Thursday—Chancel Choir—Music— Don Dickinson, 717-532-6985 dldickinson19@comcast.net. for more information click here.

Groups will be added as new Hosts/Coordinators are identified and equipped.
If you are interested, contact one of the groups or Pastor Danny (532-2482 or dflemons1@juno.com)

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