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Messiah’s Daily Prayer List

As part of the Christian community we are expected to pray for each other. Because we believe this is a great blessing and essential part of our journey with Jesus, each day we will list three members of the Messiah family (or others who request it) and ask you to pray for them that day. The list will be in the weekly announcements, on the church web site, as well as this site, and in the monthly newsletter.

Please join in the important ministry to support your sisters and brothers as we seek to faithfully follow Jesus. This is not intended to replace our church prayer chain, requests for special needs, etc. But it is for routine, regular prayer for one another as the New Testament urges.

The Apostle Paul gives us a pattern for this practice in the book of Colossians. There are two specific categories which these prayers are to cover: That we may know God and His will, and that we will live a life worthy of the Gospel (a life pleasing to God).

Prayer List for January

1st Carson Helfrick, Jaron Helfrick, Melissa Helfrick

2nd Judy Hess, Kimberly Hess, Robert Hess

3rd Sean Hess, Timothy Hess, Pauline Hinkle

4th Vickie Hippensteel, Erin Hockersmith, Joe Hockersmith

5th Kathe Hockersmith, Doreen Holtry, Doris Holtry

6th Gail Holtry, Jerry Holtry, Logan Holtry

7th Louise Holtry, Luella Holtry, Mason Holtry

8th Michelle Holtry, Chrissy Hoover, Emme Hoover

9th Laci Hoover, Lance Hoover, Bev Horn

10th Bonnie Horn, Adam Houser, Cliff Houser

11th Eily Houser, Ryanne Houser, Cindy Hull

12th Tim Hull, Tasheena Hunte, Bill Hykes

13th David Hykes, Diane Hykes, Helen Hykes

14th John Hykes, Phyllis Hykes, Aiyana Ingram

15th Lisa Ingram, Donna Jackson, Hank Jacoby

16th Chasity Johnson, Dominic Johnson, Emily Johnson

17th Marlin Johnson, Sara Johnson, Janene Jones

18th Pat Karper, Paul Karper, Ben Kaufman

19th Sue Kaufman, Art Keck, Bennie Keck

20th Bonnie Keck, Linda Keck, Barb Keefer

21st Bob Keefer, Lisa Kemp, Wade Kemp

22nd Doris Kling, Francis Knepper, Linda Knepper

23rd Lucy Konetschni, Nichole Konetschni, Walt Konetschni

24th Dennis Landi, Jorgan Landi, Lynne Landi

25th Monica Landi, Alana Lemons, Danny Lemons

26th Bill Lensie, Linda Lensie, Gary Long

27th Sally Long, Donna Lynch, Jerry Lynch

28th Allie Mahon, Paul Mahon, Pearl Mahon

29th Dena Martin, Whitey Martin, Doug McCulloh

30th Patricia McCulloh, Barbara McCoy, Scott McCoy

31st Brian McLaughlin, Briana McLaughlin, Pam McLaughlin




























1st       Robin Van Art, Pam VancerWeele, Bob Vizthum

2nd      Layne Vizthum, George Wagner, Helen Louise Wagner

3rd       Jayden Washinger, Ray Washinger, Ronda Washinger

4th       Tony Washinger, Mark Watson, Gene Weber

5th       Marla Weber, Alena Weibley, Annika Weibley

6th       Bob Weibley, Chelsea Weibley, Colton Weibley

7th       Hudson Weibley, Linda Weibley, Lindsey Weibley

8th       Marcus Weibley, Rich Weibley, Stephanie Weibley

9th       Tim Weibley, Kim Weiler, Paul Weiler

10th     Cater Weller, Sharon Weller, Sydney Weller

11th     Tracey Weller, BJ Wyrick, Levi Young

12th     Rachael Young, Savannah Young, Wes Young

13th     Mickey Zinn,  Arlene Zook, Dawn Abraham

14th     Howard Albrecht, Wendy Albrecht, Alyssa Albright

15th     Jeff Albright, Simone Albright, Chris Army

16th     Connie Army, Amelia Arndt, Debra Arndt

17th     Gavin Bear, Evertt Bear, Melissa Baer

18th     Liver Baer, Brenda Bailey, Chuck Bailey

19th     Brenda Banks, Beth Barnes, Harold Barnes

20th     Sally Barnes, Dena Baugman, Mary Jane Baughman

21st     Terry Baughman, Bob Baughman, Sr., Bill Beckenbaugh

22nd    Graham Beckenbaugh, Greg Beckenbaugh, Helga Beckenbaugh

23rd     Jason Beckenbaugh, Kaydee Beckenbaugh, Silas Beckenbaugh

24th     Tamara Beckenbaugh, Theresa Beckenbaugh, Brian Beidel

25th     Katelyn Beidel, Maddy Bender, Zoe Bender

26th     David Beres, Jim Beres, Merry Jean Beres

27th     Justin Bock, Robert Brown, Joanne Burkholder

28th     Alyssa Burrows, Grace Burrows, Keri Burrows

29th     River Burrows, Rob Burrows, Sean Burrows

30th     Karen Cameron, Lewis Cameron, Michaela Cameron

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