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How do I start the journey?

Since the time of Jesus His followers have been trying to find the best way to answer that question.  And as surely as we are all different, to some extent, the best answer for anyone may be unique.  Like starting from different places to travel to a specific destination requires directions appropriate to where you are so does beginning the journey to become like Jesus.

I have chosen to use the image of a journey with Jesus as our companion with our goal to become like Him.  Others use different images.  For example Yvon Prehn, a church communication specialist, uses the analogy of closing the sale on a house.  She does a great job of describing what it means. Click to read.

But whatever image, analogy or description is used it always begins with a choice, a decision.  It involves a certain attitude toward Jesus.  It is to trust, believe him-what He says and go where he takes us.  And as a result to, with His help, do what He says.  John 8:31  To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples [followers].

No one does that perfectly and, at the beginning, we are as children learning to walk.  The foundation of it all is the incredible idea that God really loves you/me, wants you to love Him and offers Jesus, His Son, to make it possible.

If you want to begin you can pray a simple prayer that acknowledges you are on the wrong path (the Bible calls it a sinner) and you claim God’s forgiveness through Jesus, put Jesus in charge of your life and begin the journey.  It might go something like this:

God, I am on the wrong road, a sinner.  Forgive me because of Jesus.  I want you to be in charge, Jesus.  Help me to become like you.

Now find a community of believers (a church) and join them on the road with Jesus.  Let me know about it and if I can help.


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