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Signs of Growth

One of the hardest things to do is to evaluate spiritual health and growth.  It is impossible to look into a person’s heart, or into the “heart” of a congregation for that matter.  However, it is important to try and there are certainly indicators, evidence which helps us to do that.

Perhaps the most important sign is an inner sense that God gives to his people.  Outward signs are important but an awareness of God’s presence, and a sense that God is at work are vitally important.  Explicit witnesses to the fact that God is working in lives are necessary indicators of God’s work.  Not only that, individual testimony to what He is doing is also a means by which He works.

Another sign is the beginning of new opportunities for ministry. That is vitally important to continued growth and faithfulness.  There are three key ingredients for that to happen:

1-     We need to keep our spiritual house in order.  We must keep close to God–praying, listening, and following Him.

2-     We also must keep our relational house in order.  It is imperative that we love one another and not allow those ordinary kinds of things that erode personal relationships, like personal agendas, petty differences, jealously and personality conflicts.  Be sure that Satan will try to exploit anything to sabotage God’s work in our midst.

3-     We must have people who are willing to step forward and provide leadership in ministry.  We cannot grow beyond our ability to produce new leaders.  As one example, right now, our small group development is pretty much “on hold” as we wait for new leaders.  Church consultant, Carl George says, “The creation of pastoral, ministry-capable leadership must become the core value of the church of the future, second only to listening to God in prayer.”

Folks we live in a time of great spiritual hunger and need.  I believe that God can greatly use this church to fill some of that hunger and meet those needs.  Would you please covenant with me to pray about these matters on a regular basis and then ask God what He wants you to do?  It is an exciting time to be part of His church

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