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whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. –I Corinthians 10:31

The Asbury Herald sometime ago had this story by J.D. Walt, Jr.:
“It was almost closing time, and the wait staff hurriedly prepared the place for closing. Upon seating our sixsome, the waiter dealt us our menus like playing cards. Taking our orders, he shot each of us an “I’d rather be home watching The Practice” look.  We tried to engage the fellow in some friendly conversation. Upon learning he was a college student, we inquired if he had found a local church home. His reply, “Yeah I go to church…on Christmas.” We laughed politely along with him. My wife invited him to come to the college group at our church.

Suffice it to say, the evening did not improve. The food arrived cold, our glasses stayed empty, and the whole meal was a bust. One of the couples graciously picked up the entire bill and called it a night. As we continued visiting, the waiter approached our table with a puzzled look on his face. “Did your friend not want any change?” he inquired. “Apparently not,” we replied. A few minutes later he reappeared at our table. Still dumbfounded, he asked again, “Are you sure they didn’t want any change?” We began to wonder just how large the tip had been. Our waiter was being transformed before our very eyes. “Tell me more about your church’s college group,” he asked as he took a seat at our table….”

The Bible calls it grace, receiving what we do not deserve. That is the reason it is called “amazing grace.” It is what God has done for us by offering us salvation through Jesus. But it is also about how we are to live our lives as devoted followers of Jesus.  When others see it, it can open doors so that we can “tell…more” about Jesus.  One of my preaching professors, Dr. James Roberson, a Scotsman, used to pray in this rich Scottish brogue that our lives would “adorn the Gospel.”

Does my life “adore the Gospel,” that is , make it attractive?  Does yours?   As we move through the days of Lent toward Easter, let us pray and seek ways that it will be so.

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