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One Thing I Know

One thing I know.  -John 9:25

There is a great story in the Bible about a blind man that Jesus heals.  When the religious leaders find out about it they refuse to believe it or give Jesus credit.  In what is, at times, an almost comical attempt to discredit Jesus they interrogate the man and his parents.

First they insist that the man was not really blind, then try to get the man to deny that Jesus has healed him.  But finally the man, wearied with their inquisition, states flatly, one thing I know, that, whereas I was blind, now I see.

          There is no answer to that.  A personal experience of God’s grace over rides all arguments to the contrary.  The man admits he doesn’t know a lot of theology but one thing I know…. It happened to me.  And this leads to personal faith in Jesus—Lord, I believe.

Have you been touched by God, by Jesus?  Then claim your experience of God’s grace and let nothing or no one shake it!

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