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I Want You

             After the dramatic impact of Jesus’ resurrection, it is easy to see all the rest of the story as anticlimactic.  That is a mistake!  What takes place here has great significance in God’s scheme.
            What bought them together?  Stories they had heard?   Their state of mind and atmosphere?  They were talking about Him!  He was there!  And with the word “peace,”  He calmed their fears, as He showed His side and hands.  When they SAW, (the word of spiritual perception) “they were glad.”  What a wonderful understatement!
            Then Jesus speaks words that forever establish the primary motivation of His disciples—“As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.”  And there you have in black and white: JESUS’ CHOICE.  And I can only shake my head in wonder.
            Do you remember children choosing sides for a baseball game?  It gets down to that last little boy.  Jesus’ choice is like choosing that smallest, least capable player first.
            Like an expansion draft when the only players are those left over from other teams.  These people are “proven failures”, and they (we) are Jesus’ choice.
            One of the great truths emphasized over and over in this gospel is that the Son is sent by the Father.  Now He sends His followers—commissions them.  In the way He had been sent by the Father, He in turn sends them.  William Barclay was right when he called it “The commission which the Church must never forget.”  JESUS IS DEPENDENT ON US, you and me!  Unless we do it….” as the Father has sent me so I send you.”  WITH
______  THE VERY SAME AUTHORITY.  We go not on our own initiative.  But we are sent, backed up by God almighty.
______  THE VERY SAME SPIRIT.  This Spirit equips them with what is needed to carry on.
______ FOR THE VERY SAME PURPOSE.  The Primary reason for  gift of  Spirit is to witness to Jesus!
            There are times we need to soften our sense of self importance but  as William Temple says, “it is impossible to exaggerate the greatness of our calling.”
            What about you—sister, brother?  Even if you count yourself as a proven failure, Jesus stands before you today and like the Uncle Sam poster points his finger and says,

            __________I want you

            __________I want you

You are his choice!  Go with authority, Spirit, and His purpose, to rescue from sin and death to eternal life.  And live as God intends.

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