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They Devoted Themselves

They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. Acts 2:42

Isn’t it amazing the physical feats of which humans are capable?  We are being treated to some stunning examples in the 2012 Olympics.  We have heard stories of great sacrifice and costly commitment from runners, swimmers, gymnasts and others to compete as an Olympian.  As we were talking about this with friends from our Small Group the comment was made:  “Wouldn’t it be great if Christians were as devoted as these athletes?”

And I remembered.  That is the exact term used to describe those early Christians in the book of Acts—devoted.  We say, dedicated, committed, focused.  Because that is what it takes to accomplish important things, especially doing one’s best.  We do not become like Jesus automatically, by coasting or accidently.  Being devoted speaks to priorities.  Devotion ultimately is about lifestyle.

Of course Christians are devoted to God/Jesus.  And that finds practical expression in devotion to the good news (apostles’ teaching), to each other (the fellowship), sacramental acts (the breaking of bread) and prayer.  All these things result in “doing good.” 

The surprising thing is that as popular as the Olympics is our culture does not like the idea of devotion/commitment.  It is not a popular idea.  But it is the driving force for those who belong to Jesus.

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