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We have found him

We have found the one -John 1:45

“The     Exciting Discovery—“We Have Found Him”

             Have you ever tried to tell someone of something that is so unusual, so different from the normal or expected that you knew when you told it you wouldn’t be believed.

Try to imagine John’s task—to tell of something so wonderful, so absolutely unique as to be unbelievable.  Then read and watch as he lays the groundwork, then builds his case to prove that the creator becomes flesh and blood and lives on this earth in the person of Jesus of Nazareth (John 1:19-51).

He begins by calling some eye witnesses.  First, he calls the most prominent and influential religious leader of his time—John The Baptist (called simply John by writer). 

The Baptist has raised quite a stir with his preaching, baptizing and a group from the religious establishment has been sent to find out what he’s all about?  Who could he be?  Is he the one to look for? The one God has promised?  Are you he? 

To John’s credit, he makes sure they are pointed to Christ and not a substitute (himself).  Do you know hard that would be.  John is the most popular person around, with all the acclaim and success which goes with that.  And he must now begin to point the crowds away from himself.  He immediately begins to fade into the background.  I am a voice only.  He is greater than I am.  Can you imagine a politician, a great religious leader downplaying his importance?
He tells his own disciples, the time has come, he has come.  You are not to follow me but him.   The faithfulness of John in doing his job is now clearly seen—“they followed Jesus.”

And immediately they become evangelists, that is, they began to tell others.  “We have found him.”  So the cycle begins all over.  Those who find Jesus want to…must, tell others about Him.

“Hallelujah, I have found Him who my soul so long has craved!   Jesus satisfies my longings; through his blood I now am saved.”  (From the hymn, “Satisfied” by C.T. Williams)

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