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My Journey Begins

Today (December 4th) is a landmark date in my life.  At a small church in Troy, North Carolina on this day as a freshman in High School, I attended the Offer Them Christlast night of a revival.  The preacher, Dr. W.L. Surbrook invited those who wanted to follow Jesus to come forward.  I was sitting in the very last pew with a group of my friends.  The pastor, Paul Uhrig, walked back to that pew and asked us if we didn’t want to give our lives to Jesus.  And I made the most important decision of my life as I walked to the front and knelt at the altar rail to ask Jesus to forgive my sins and come into my heart.

That was a long time ago.  There was no way I could have possibly imagined where that would lead—to a Bible college, graduate school at The University of NC- Greensboro, teaching in a Christian college in Allentown, Pa, Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky, The University of Iowa Graduate School, 34 years as a pastor in Iowa and a return to Pennsylvania.  I have now lived here eight years and served on Messiah Church’s pastoral staff for the last seven.

Along the way God has blessed me with a wonderful wife of 49 years and two outstanding daughters and 5 grandchildren.  The people I have met, the opportunities I have had and things I have experienced have made it an incredible journey.

It would be easy to go on and on but I will stop.  I am so grateful for God’s great gift of Jesus and the salvation he brings.  The famous painting depicting John Wesley’s departure to America as a missionary was titled “Offer them Christ.”  That is my offer to you. Read how to begin.

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