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The Awful Gift

I have set before you life and death….Now choose life. –Deuteronomy 30:19

We all probably have received a gift of something which we didn’t really want.  That ugly picture which Aunt Sally gave us, she expects to see hanging on a wall every time she visits.  Some gifts, ugly or useless in themselves we cherish because our son or daughter (or grandchild) made it.  Usually, a gift is appreciated, valuable or not, if we know the motivation is one of love or care for us.

Did you know the most awful gift you’ve ever received came from God and was motivated by pure and perfect love.  It was also incredibly expensive.  That’s crazy you say.  We know “every good and perfect gift comes from God.”  God doesn’t give bad gifts.  However, awful is not the same as bad.  In fact, the awful gift is also  a wonderful gift.

What is this awful but wonderful gift?  It is the freedom to choose against God, to reject God, to choose not to believe God, to trust God, to love God.  In fact, it is the freedom to choose death.  It is wonderful because it means we can also choose for God, to love and serve God.  You can’t have one without the other.  To freely choose God is greatest of all choices, but that means it is possible to make the awful decision to “go it” without God.

And make no mistake, ultimately it is always a choice.  What’s your choice?  Click here for help on choosing.

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