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The Difference Maker

My former District Superintendent, Chuck Kellogg, tells this story from his time in Vietnam.  He said his unit lost 19 men in combat.  One of the men a Californian, Bill Rhodes, was killed on February 6, 1971. “Bill was not a believer in Christ.  But a Sgt. Avery frequently witnessed to Bill and the rest of us about matters of faith and prayed for all of us.

            Sgt. Avery felt compelled to visit Bill’s mother (Avery lives in California).  He was very apprehensive about doing so.  Upon arrival Bill’s mother warmly greeted Sgt. Avery.  She has a letter in her hand written by her son, Bill.  He said he had accepted Jesus Christ as his savior and Lord and he wanted her, his mother, to be the first to know.  The letter was dated February 5th.”

            Prayer, what a mystery—what a power!  We often never know the effects of our prayers.  But God assures us they are effective—James 1:16b The prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective.

            Want to make a difference in a life, in the world?  Pray.   Check out Messiah’s Prayer Team Ministry.

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