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Starting Over

Repent and believe the good news! –Mark 1:15

Haven’t we all wanted to start over?

I wish I had it to do over. But in life, we don’t get that opportunity, do we? To go back to square one is not an option. Or is it?

The Bible calls us, offers us an opportunity to start over, to start with a clean slate. It is called repentance. It means to change one’s mind, heart, life. In the traditional Christian Communion service the invitation is to those that “truly and earnestly repent of your sins and intend to lead a new life.”

Repentance is “coming to self,” involves “humility,” and “turning.” In the Old Testament it is to turn or return. In the New Testament it means to “change one’s mind for the better, have a better mind.” Not only is repentance where we begin but it is an on-going necessity of the Christian life. “Repentance is a daily duty”- Matthew Henry.

I am told in the St. Louis airport there is a large watch with hands that run backward. Beneath it are the words, “Make Time Run Backward!

If it were possible to do this and start again what a difference it would make. You may not be able to make time run backward but you can start again! Here’s how.

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