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Prayer Team Ministry

“When Jesus left his disciples with the responsibility of building His church, all He left behind was a prayer meeting . . . The world has yet to see what God can do in and with and through a church wholly devoted to Him in prayer.”
-Armin Gesswein


 A new 3 month commitment period begins May 1st.  However, you may join at any time.

For information or to sign up email your:  Name, email address, phone and ministry selection (or request assignment) to dannyumc@comcast.net or call 532-2482, 532-4904.

Seven years ago 27 people agreed to pray weekly for 7 specific Messiah ministry expressions and their participants. Most of the original group are still involved. There are almost 40 people praying for 13 different ministries.



February-April, 2014

Building Committee Jean Ferich, Barb Keefer, Dena Martin, Kit Miller
Church Council Bev Horn, Bonnie Keck, Beth Evitts
Community Meal Linda Dickinson, Leroy Jones, David Perkins, Vicky Perkins
Missions Sharon Alexander, Bonnie Horn, Lisa Kemp
Outreach & WitnessBeth Evitts, B J Wyrick, Kit Miller
Pastors–Steve, Fran, Danny Donna Conway, Leroy Jones, Pam McLaughlin, Chris Rockwell, Terri Thompson
Small Groups and Leaders Susan Cook, DeAnn Pugh, Linda Snider, Michelle Wolford
SPRC Sheila Malone, Joan Rockwell, Danny Lemons, Pam McLaughlin
Stewardship Finance Shelly Blouser, Chasity Johnson, Bonnie Keck, Danny Lemons
Sunday School Donna Conway, Brenda Gabler, Marty Mitchel, Rod Shaffer, Terri Thompson
Trustees Wendy Albrecht, Jean Ferich, Sharon Alexander, Mildred Wetzel, Peg Shaffer
Youth Ministry Sharon Alexander, Charlotte Crider, Alex Geier, Leroy Jones,Erin Hockersmith, Peg Shaffer
38 South Penn Street Sharon Alexander, Bonnie Keck, Barb  Keefer, DeAnn Pugh, Linda Snider, Lisa Kemp, Brenda Gabler, Charlotte Crider, Bev Horn, Dena Martin, Susie Cook, Shelby Kensinger, Barry Kensinger

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