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The Dream Come True

Jesus went back across the Jordan …and many people came to him. They said, “Though John never performed a miraculous sign, all that John said about this man was true.”  And in that place many believed in Jesus.  -John 10:40-42

We all have our dreams.    It may be as simple as growing up to have a family and a a good job and security.  Or it may be as elaborate as becoming President.

Dreams have played a great role in our history—from Chris Columbus to the pioneers who went west to find land and a future, to inventors like the Wright Brothers.  Martin Luther King gave expression to the hope of freedom for all Americans by proclaiming “I have a dream.”  We talk much of the “American Dream” (though I wonder if many of us really know what it is).

The Bible’s salvation story can be told using the concept of a dream.  God’s promise (beginning to Abraham, elaborated and renewed often in the OT) of  intervention to restore and renew his creation broken by sin became a dream for his people.  God would send a deliverer—they called him the Messiah—to bring healing and hope for the world.

Then one day a remarkable man appeared on the scene announcing that God was even then fulfilling his promise.  In fact the Messiah, the promised hope, is even now among you.

You know how big promotional campaigns work for certain events take place.  You see signs “It’s coming…” for some time before.  John was the promo for Jesus.  He called himself just a voice.  But what a remarkable job he did.  He has now been dead for 2 years and the implication of our text is that people are still seeking Jesus out because of what John said about Him.  And when they came to Jesus they found the dream had come true.

Apparently they had been thinking about what John had told them.  They had been anticipating when they could meet Jesus.  You know how anticipation of something can grow until expectations can never be met.  As they heard the stories, it would not be hard to imagine their eagerness to see Him grew.  But when they came to Him, they were not disappointed.

The dream always comes true with Jesus.  Jesus is the one who never disappoints us.  Friends, family, pastor, church may disappoint you.  Jesus never will.

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