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What Motivates You?

They would not confess their faith…; 43  for they loved praise from men more than praise from God.   -John 12:42b, 43

Here in these few words we have the ultimate obstacle to following Jesus.  It is to love something, anything more than God.  And the ultimate motivation to discipleship is “praise” i.e approval from God.

I have been a fan of the Washington Redskins as long as I can remember.  One of my all time favorite players was Hall of Fame receiver, Art Monk.  He set NFL records for most catches in a season, most consecutive games with at least one reception and career receptions.   He has been described as disliking attention, and being the quiet solid, almost remote, unapproachable.  Yet he was “a tireless worker, a team leader.  His coach, Joe Gibbs said, “He’s one of the classier guys in pro sports.”  When Monk broke the NFL record for pass catches in 1992, he talked about his motivations:

“It means a lot,” Monk said quietly.  “The Lord has really blessed me…I really feel like I am an instrument of Him.  It’s for His praise and His glory.” (Oct. 14, 1992, AP story)

For His praise and His glory.  In the original language these two words are the same.  In this context it means God’s approval.

If anything else motivates you at some point that will become inadequate to keep you going!

“To love the glory of men above the glory of God is the supreme disaster.” –Leon Morris

Is your life lived to please God?  I pray it is; and mine as well.

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