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God Has a Plan

You intended… harm…, but God intended…good. Genesis 50:20 
In all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

My daughter, Heather shared this story with us:

Her sons, Carter (5) and Kanu (2) were playing with Legos, and she heard Carter say very calmly, “Don’t get mad Kanu. You know what?”
     “What?” Asks Kanu.
     Carter continued, “God always has a plan. Even if things seem bad, he always has a plan.”

How are things going for you right now? 

Not too good.  God has a plan.
Things are going wrong at work.  God has a plan.
I lost my job.  God has a plan.
My son/daughter is struggling with growing up.  God has a plan.
My husband/wife wants a divorce.  God has a plan.
We’re losing our house.  God has a plan.
The doctor’s news was bad.  God has a plan.
I’m overwhelmed with my children, my job, life.  God has a plan.

In the Genesis story, Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery but God had a plan. 

God always has a plan.  Even if things seem bad, he always has a plan.  What a powerful truth.  You may not know or understand what it is, but it is for your good in spite of how it seems right now.  Trust God and God will work out the plan for your good.

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