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Listening To God

 “Listening To God”
“God…has spoken”  -Hebrews 1:2

 In the 18th century, in the Church of England a man by the name of John Wesley “set out by the grace of God ‘to raise up a holy people.’” He believed that God had given us the tools to do that.  He called these tools “the means of grace.”  And first on that list was Bible reading.

Some years ago I saw a cartoon which showed a man standing in a shop.  The sign on the door said, “The Book Shop.”  The whole store was empty except for one book lying on the counter.  The title: “The Book.”  Wesley was called a man of “the book.”  And that book was the Bible.  He called it “the only rule, and the sufficient rule, both for faith and   practice.”

William Willimon defines the whole Methodist structure as being based on the place of the Bible in Christian experience.

What he [Wesley] did was to create structures to enable ordinary, everyday people like you and me to be people worthy to hear and embody scriptures.  John Wesley’s societies, class meetings, and conferences,…were his creative invention where ordinary, everyday people got to deal with the Bible, not as an intellectual problem but rather as a…challenge to transformation.”

The United Methodist Church was born out of this stunning vision, this creative collision between Wesley’s eighteenth-century England and the bible.

The primary action for the Christian life is listening to God.  We can only be and do what God expects after we have listened/heard God.  The Bible is the ordinary place for hearing God.

It is in this context that we join with thousands of Christians in an intentional effort to listen to God called “40 Days in the Word.”  Please join us.

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